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Security Guards

security guard services
  • Armed Security Officers
  • Unarmed Officers
  • Vehicle Roving Patrols
  • GPS Tracking


Video Surveillance

  • Hi-Resolution Security Cameras
  • Remote Viewing Internet
  • Smart Phone Viewing
  • Megapixel / IP


Access Control

access control card reader
  • Keypads
  • Card Readers
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Video Intercoms
  • Biometric Readers


Locksmith Services

  • Master Key Systems
  • Hi Security Locks
  • Keyless Entry
  • Deadbolts Installed

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West End Lock & Security, LLC
Virginia Security Solutions
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Call Virginia Security Solutions today at (804) 740-1000.

About Us

Virginia Security Solutions specializes in your protection. Our integration of mechanical and electrical security products, combined with our physical security team, creates custom security solutions specific to your needs.

Virginia Security Solutions began business in 1994 operating as West End Lock & Security. We concentrated in one area, to offer fast and affordable mobile locksmith services to the general Richmond, VA area. After a few years in business we branched out to include low voltage electronic security solutions to the existing mechanical locksmith services, and in 2002 changed our name to West End Lock and Security, LLC.

After several years of steady growth, our area of coverage expanded to outside the Richmond area. Virginia Security Solutions was established in 2008 to better represent the large array of services offered, as well as our expanding customer base.

VSS became the first lock and security company in the state to offer private security services, offering both armed and unarmed security officers. We have the widest areas of expertise throughout the entire state, offering a complete security solution for the entire state of Virginia.

fleet of vans

Locally owned, but statewide grown,

Call Virginia Security Solutions today at (804) 740-1000.