Hands-free Thermal Detection for Triage or High-Traffic Areas

Reopen Safely!

As your business looks at reopening, install temperature detection solutions and follow CDC guidelines to help prevent the introduction and spread of the Coronavirus.

Scan over 10 people at one time! Price starting at $16,950 Installed

By setting up a thermal detection area, you can measure body temperature using thermal imaging technology and get instant alerts of anyone trying to enter that may be running a fever.

We offer several different body temperature detection solutions that can read from one person to over 10 people at a time in one area. Thermal imaging solutions help you measure temperature while staying at a safe distance and provide instant readings. Help your visitors and staff fight against Coronavirus!

Virginia Security Solutions is here to help you find the perfect solution.

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Sit this temperature detection device on a counter top
Site this until on the floor for fast scanning at the door
The blue 'go' light on the stand lights up with each normal temperature scan indicating it is safe to pass through.*

Temperature detection zones are fast, effective ways to measure temperature and to identify those with abnormal temperatures so they can be further evaluated or refused access.