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Floor and Countertop Scanners

Reopen Safely!

As your business looks at reopening, install temperature detection solutions and follow CDC guidelines to help prevent the introduction and spread of the Coronavirus.

Floor or Desktop Scanner from $2,250 Installed

  • Check body temperatures using facial recognition
  • Keep records of the body temperature scans
  • High precision infrared temperature detector
  • Network to your existing access control system
  • Can scan one person every 1-2 seconds
  • Camera can stand-alone, no network needed
  • When mask is required, the camera automatically prompts you to wear a mask

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Sit this temperature detection device on a counter top
Site this until on the floor for fast scanning at the door
The blue 'go' light on the stand lights up with each normal temperature scan indicating it is safe to pass through.*

Temperature detection zones are fast, effective ways to measure temperature and to identify those with abnormal temperatures so they can be further evaluated or refused access.