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How Secure is Your Facility?

Hospitals and healthcare facilities have unique security challenges due to the constant flow of visitors, staff and patients. Protecting privacy is a priority in the medical community. Stringent HIPAA guidelines have made security a top priority for health care facilities across the U.S. Besides assuring HIPAA compliance, health care facilities pose other security challenges due to high public traffic and drug inventories.

We understand security is a top priority and that's why some of the Richmond's most respected and well-known Surgery Centers, Hospitals, and Medical Office Buildings have trusted Virginia Security Solutions since 1994. The best way to safeguard against possible crime — both internal and external — is to regulate who has access to your facility, and to protect it after-hours with the most effective security system on the market.

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Virginia Security Solutions (VSS), The Right Solutions

VSS Managed Access Solutions allows you to determine who has access to sensitive areas with video recording Intrusion alarms.

"When we considered security options for our medical practice two years ago, we wanted an easy-to-use, but highly secure system that would protect our property. As a medical office we know that we are at high risk for break-ins."   Family Physicians

Complete Security

Access control, audio intrusion detection, video surveillance, fire detection, 24/7 monitoring ... no matter what your security needs are, we have it covered.

Why Healthcare Facilities Choose Virginia Security Solutions

Our healthcare care security officers are
trained in the following areas:

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Hospital Receptionist
  • Effective Patrolling (interior and exterior of the building)
  • Assisting Healthcare Professionals
  • Customer Service
  • CPR/AED Certification
  • Critical Incident Control
  • Suspicious Package Identification
  • Building Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention
  • Assertiveness
  • Locks and Access Control
  • Cameras and Security Devices
  • Fire Safety – Building Systems
  • Incident Report Writing
  • Sexual Harassment Awareness
  • Parking Patrol
  • Strategies for Handling Irate People
  • Uniform Standards
  • Supervisor Training

Count on Virginia Security' Solutions experts to design, install, monitor and service an electronic security system that meets the needs of your health care facility.

Industry Expertise You need someone you can trust to protect your facilities. We work with health care facilities throughout Central Virginia, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach.
Innovative Technology Virginia Security Solutions integration of electronic security devices and physical security is superior to anything on the market today.
Proven results No one can match our commitment to Service.
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