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Shopping Centers

Shopping centers tend to attract criminal behavior or horseplay by nature of sheer volume. A large amount of merchandise is concentrated inside retail stores and in cars. You will find plenty of money on shoppers as well. Large pockets of space encourage groups of teenagers to hang out, making them an easy target for predators. Security and safety in shopping malls depends on proper management of pedestrian traffic flow and transportation to and away from the mall.

Loss Prevention

One main security concern in shopping malls is that of loss prevention including theft, vandalism,  trespassing, and safety hazards.


Relationship with Mall Tenants

Our mall security officers operate as good will ambassadors. We understand that protecting mall tentants from loss is paramount. We also understand that you need return business.  Our mall security services are designed to support this objective by using:

  • Courtesy
  • Common sense
  • Extensive knowledge of the site
  • Giving directions
  • Enforcing all rules and regulations
  • Assisting in special circumstances (lost children, vehicle lock-outs)
  • Politely correcting discrepancies
  • Being pro-active
  • Directing media to appropriate person(s)

Security Systems Design & Installation

  • Video Surveillance/ CCTV and Alarms
  • Components
  • PTZ lens
  • Camera Operation
  • Control Room
  • Access Control