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Access Control

Electronic access control is a cost effective way to restrict when and where anyone has access to your complex or facility, while at the same time providing an audit trail or time/date stamp of any attempts to gain access through that door.

A simple door access system regulated with keys can be turned into a more effective physical barrier through electronic access control. In today’s market, commercial establishments and other institutions need to secure themselves from intruders more than ever. When there is a need to restrict access to certain employees or even certain times of the day then electronic access control is your solution.

access control equipment

We can recommend an access control system that accommodates your needs and fits your budget. From stand-alone keypads and proximity readers to receptionist door release buzzer/videophone entry systems and CCTV, Virginia Security Solutions is your installation company. We are experienced in installing electric strikes, exit alarms, Mag locks, audit trail systems, and biometric readers, just to name a few.

We protect your employees, property, visitors, patients, facilities, grounds, products, assets, whatever you need to protect. Our attention to detail, years of experience, integrity, and our commitment to your best interests ensures that doing business with us will always deliver great results.

We are a leading company in access control and keyless entry applications in Virginia. We've helped thousands of customers over the last 20 years and we can help find a security solution for you! Virginia Security Solutions is your access control specialists.

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